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Living with ADD is a challenge. Often I see a smart, capable, and emotionally sensitive individual that is suffering from a false belief that they are, stupid, lazy, and hopelessly broken. Most of the time, this false belief is continuously re-enforced by feedback from the people closest to the individual. For the most part, this belief comes from the fact that neither the person with ADD, nor the people around him/her, really understands the ADD brain. I find that it is essential for people living with ADD to learn about their brain, get support and learn strategies for coping with and treating their ADD.

Sex/Pornography addiction is a particularly powerful addiction, because we are naturally designed to have strong sexual drives. It is healthy to be aroused and be interested in sex. Often I see people confused about whether they have an addiction or just a strong libido. The difference is really rather clear. Healthy sex reduces stress, creates good intimate relationships, and  just makes life better. Addiction, on the other hand creates more stress, damages relationships, and makes life a struggle. If sex/pornography addiction is not understood and treated it will grow out of control.

Sessions and Fees

Individual sessions: $130 per 50 minuets

Couples sessions: $165 per 50 minutes

I offer sliding a scale for anyone. I believe that money should never be a barrier to healing.


About Sex/Porn Addiction