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Excerpts from a letter I received from a former client:

"Hello Arthur,

Early this year you saw me for a series of visits. Our stint was somewhat brief because I had decided to move from Seattle to Bellingham. I never really got to say goodbye but more importantly I never got to say Thank You!

Thanks Arthur for helping me during a time when I absolutely needed help. Thanks for listening, providing me guidance and a path forward. Also thanks for cutting through my tough skin and helping me to work through to all the soft and vulnerable insides that I had always hidden!

I am happy to tell you that my emotional state and happiness are infinitely better than when we spoke last. I had a [breakthrough] after our very last session ... that was what I can only describe as, enlightenment. Everything now made sense on what I needed, who I needed to be and what I wanted to do.

Ever since, I have felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and felt actual emotions and happiness again. Since that day I have really made the daily effort to increase my acceptance and reception to emotional input and the result has been an overwhelmingly positive change in my life. My marriage is the best its ever been, my relationships with others are more meaningful and my mindfulness is the most acute its ever been. For the first time, in a very long time, I feel like a real person living my life and not a lost bystander. Again thanks for guiding me along the first steps towards a more fulfilling and happy life.

Peace be with you,

"...I had seen probably 10 different therapists before Arthur, and I had given up on the whole concept of therapy helping me heal. Arthur changed that for me. He is brilliant, insightful and more than any other quality seems to have an inexhaustible love for people, and this above all else has brought me further in my healing than I ever imagined I could have made it. He is a wonderfully skilled and caring human being for whom I have a deep well of gratitude."

"My wife and I were referred to Arthur after we made the decision to save our marriage. We had been separated for over a year with divorce papers drawn up and everything! With his guidance, through positive techniques, we were able to begin and effectively utilize his communication concepts right away. There was no long introductory period; his results were immediate. Arthur is able to quickly delve to the root problem, and for us, it was usually something quite far from what the argument(s) seemed to be about. His composure over our issues was calming, and we both felt at ease talking to him about things in our lives we would hardly bring up to each other! He also had a deep seated respect for our individual beliefs and experiences, which allowed us to be ourselves from the get-go. Combine all these things with a relaxed atmosphere and his ability to pinpoint marital issues, made our experience with Arthur a decision we will never regret. If you both have the desire to fix your relationship, we highly recommend Arthur Salamon."
-Shane & Heidi

"My time as a client with Arthur has resulted in many tangible benefits. Perhaps the most noticeable is a reduction in the "background noise" of everyday anxieties and concerns, increased clarity in problem solving, and a beefed up "tool kit" of skills and strategies to help cope with everyday challenges more effectively. Working with Arthur is like spending time with a trusted, and close friend. Someone with very strong listening, perception and intuition skills.Over time, layers of the onion peel away, problems are more clearly defined, comfortable assumptions are challenged, and one feels more grounded and hopeful. I won't say this process is always easy, but the rewards are real and gratifying!"
-With Gratitude, A.E.

Arthur has been extremely helpful in providing me with the tools I need to cope with the everyday drama of living with two teenage stepchildren. I have learned so much from Arthur and I am still learning. He helps me keep things in proper prospective so I can deal with the situations as they arise in a much healthier manner. If all else fails, I can at least look forward to my visit with him and know that in a few days he will help me sort things out and make sense of it all. Arthur's quiet mannerism and his soothing, calming voice are very therapeutic. Just going to my appointments and talking with him helps me cope and gives me inner peace and strength.

I saw Arthur through a few difficult life events, stretched over the course of a number of years. Having grown up with ADHD and anxiety issues, I didn't have the best tools in place to deal with the curve balls that life threw me. Arthur helped me recognize my feelings and work to the core of them. I had been holding on to things for years and with Arthur's help, I was able to finally process them and ultimately let them go. I can't recommend Arthur enough. I have sent several friends to him and they have all been very appreciative of his service.